Squank definition:

Squank: (sqk wa~n fk) 1. Noun or Verb. Exact definition unknown. Used in the same context as the word, "smurf." Essentially a filler word that means whatever the user would like it to mean. Often the word Squank is substituted for the words "deficate" or "fornicate." Example: "Damn, baby, you're so fine, I want to Squank you right here and now." Or, "Jake is groaning like he needs to take a massive Squank." 2. Noun. Mythological skunklike creature featured in Indian folklore and songs by Genesis and ZZ Top. In the song, Squonk, by Genesis, the altered variation of the animal was very unhappy and dissolved itself in a pool of tears when captured. In ZZ Top's rendidion, Squank was a gruesome smelly monster of a truly apocalyptic proportion, threatening the very existence of the universe. This latter depiction of a horrific beast is potentially more accurate as the connotations with "skunk" are far more explicit.


BC Rich "Squank"


Lyrics by ZZ-Top

Woman, grab your children, run and hide.
Don't let it catch up with you.
You gotta fight it to stay alive,
And if it gets you, man, you're through.

It smells so rotten and rank.
Well, everybody calls it the Squank.

It's sick, depressin, gettin' bigger all the time.
Don't help it any way you can.
It's grey and brown and sometimes lime
And it's spreadin' all over the land.

And soon we'll be all breathin' out of tanks
If somethin' ain't done about the Squank.

The meanest thing the world's ever bred
By me and you and my kinfold too.
A monster can't live unless it's fed,
And it's being fed by me and you.

And soon it's gonna leave the world blank,
And we'll all be erased by the Squank.

  please do not taunt the vagrant
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