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THE PHALLUS (expected 2007)


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A celebratory album of epic proportions. Designed as a party album satirizing the ways of ego-maniac rockstars. This is sex, drugs, and rock and roll at it's most shocking. The penis is a reoccuring character. Plot themes envolve egomania, drug binges, and walking around in less than pants. This is the big budget sequal to IA with more genre-hopping fun, more guest musicians, more experimentation, and more silliness then ever. The goal was to make a home recording sound as huge as possible, and this release definitely accomplishes that, with some songs exceeding 60 tracks of overdubs. If Daydream Nation is minimal, then The Phallus is maximal. Songs are nearly finished. In the meantime, you can listen to a few unmastered versions rotating on myspace.



1. Tripping Balls

2. Buzzer Beater

3. Tokyo Vertigo

4. Paper Speedo

5. Gimmie your Skivvies

6. Kamikazi Superninja

7. I Don't Like it

8. When in Doubt

9. A Love Song

10. Nappy Celebration

11. Tripping Balls 2


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Ignorant Art ALbum Cover



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A brilliant fusion of pop and humor, this is the classic record that put Squank on the map. Essential listening. Armed with a strong desire to move music in a new direction, Squanker begins his artistic exploration of electronic sounds within the world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Like Prince, he plays nearly every album on the album, thus the Prince tribute on the cover. Innovative, catchy and infectious, Ignorant Art is both stupid and clever at once.



1. If Karma was for Real...

2. Humpday

3. Fool

4. Checkin' Me out

5. Action Hero

6. Satan Rides Shotgun

7. Missile Command

8. Poison Ivy by the Pound

9. Wet Dream

10. Le Car


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Album Cover

Patio Patois (1999)





A four-track concept album that was produced in Squanker's parents' attic. The album chronicles a day's events in which the protagonist skips school to go to an arcade to get stoned, son goes to a party where he becomes paranoid from the weed, and decides to drive home and goes to bed. As the first release, this is a good album for hardcore fans who want to see the evolution of Squank, but definitely not the best record. Drum machines and breakbeats, casios, speak and spells, shakey vocals, and oddball lyrics fill the songs with experimental melodies and tunes. The rawness, length, and occasional instrumental interlude may result in an uneven listen, but a very interesting and entertaining one nonetheless.



1. Sleep

2. Wake up? F@#k you!

3. Paging Big Dadio

4. Five n' Dime

5. Pinball Pitstop

6. Shady Arcade

7. Booty time USA

8. Brain Stain

9. What is next?

10. Outside Looking in

11. Resting my eyes

12. Maybe fade

13. Flipside Jive Turkey

14. This Homeward Cruise

15. Hammy

16. Wink of Rest

17. Sleep 2

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