Satan Rides Shotgun Video (2005)
directed by Jason Lymangrover

Satan Rides Shotgun screenshot

Higher quality version.

SatanVideo.wmv (10.6MB)

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Squanker's commentary: I wrote the song on a drive from North Carolina to Michigan after passing the "route 666" sign. I was astonished that the exit actually existed, and coincidentally I was listening to a classic rock station that was playing Running With the Devil (so-ng by Van Halen). I thought about how iconic the Devil was in early metal, and decided to make a modern-day satire of those songs by bands like Motley Crue and Dio. But I wanted to take it to the next level and personify the Devil by painting him as a classmate that would hang out like any other buddy might. That inspired the first line, "Lucifer, I call him Lou." It just escalated from there. I'm not into Satanic rituals or anything.

More about the video >>

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stickers on skateboard  

Printable Stickers


Print onto a full size (8.5 x 11) sticker sheet following these instructions:

1) Make sure printer settings (in "properties") are set for 8.5x11, portrait, and high quality.

2) Print.

3) Carefully use scissors or a paper cutter to cut around the edges.

4) stick them to things - your skateboard, computer, binder, pets, whatever. Some sticker sheets may need a little extra stick to withstand the elements. If you're sure you want it there for good, add a little superglue.

To view or print, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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iron on

Iron Ons


Print onto A4 iron-on T-shirt transfer media (such as EPSON "Cool Peel" printer paper) following these instructions:

1) Either use a white T-shirt or get special opaque transfer media - moste are clear and you won't see the print properly if you pick the wrong color shirt!

2) vertically center your print about a third of the way down from the color.

3) Follow the manufacturer's instructions for ironing on the transfer.

To view or print, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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prosthetic arm wallpaper

rooster wallpaper





Choose the size most appropriate for your monitor. In Windows, right click your desktop, click "Properties" then "Settings" to find your screen size.

Open the image you want and right click on your mouse. Select "Save Image As" or "Save Picture As" and make sure you note the file name.

Minimize windows, and rght click your mouse on the desktop. Select Properties and click on the Wallpaper Tab.

Look for your file name and click on it. Then hit Apply, then OK.


Prosthetic Arm Wallpaper

Widescreen: 1440x900

Normal: 1024x900, or 800x600


Rooster Wallpaper

Widescreen: 1440x900

Normal: 1024x900, or 800x600

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