The Squank single, Tokyo Vertigo, is featured on the new Failing Records Compilation of Portland music. It should be an awesome bundle of songs. There are 47 local bands included and the double-disc will be released April 21st at all the hot Portland music stores and boutiques.

postedposted on: Wednesday, March 6th, 2007



The Ignorant Art record is temporarily available in the disco section as a free download. You'll need to save it to your computer, then open it up with winzip. There's also some album art for your ipod. Don't say I never gave ya nothin'.

postedposted on: Monday, March 1st, 2007

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My former music teacher, Talc Tolchin explains the art of making a hit song in this video. arrow Hi Def(926KB) arrow Low Def(288KB)

This guy is an absolute genius and taught me everything I know, so pay close attention and pay him some damn respect. It's not his fault that he looks like John Oates...


P.S. You probably need Real Player to view the vid.

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posted on: Friday, January 26th 2007

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Maybe it's just me, but this crazy little guy just cracks me up. arrow Watch

I can hear him now, "Beep beep. Buzz. Robot hump face!. Robot hump face! Beep beep..." Ha ha. That's great. Let me watch him again. Whoohoo! Look at him go. Ha ha. Boy. Shtoops!

posted on: Thursday, December 14th 2006

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Squank's in the lab putting the finishing touches on the new album after three years of recording. I'm currently on the computer adding little flourishes and liberally polishing up The Phallus. I swear it will be finished soon. I'm predicting April. Makes sense. It's a good sexy album to go with spring fever.

Mastering the sucker should be a whole new worm-can though. It was recorded in six locations: four completely different sounding Portland basements, the meeting room of a design studio, and in the legendary Orange Room. As crazy as it's been, it has been really exciting to see this record come together and I think it's going to the best yet. As of right now, I have too many songs, so I'm picking the finest songs of the 22 or so that we recorded. Anyway, if you know of any good, cheap mastering studios that want a challenging project, let me know.

posted on: Thursday, December 07th 2006

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It has come to the Portland Municipal Court's attention that three Squank songs contain subliminal messages and therefore should be burned and destroyed:

Satan Rides Shotgun: Has a sample of Yoko Ono saying "Kiss kiss kiss." Here, this freaky sample is played backwards and appears to say "six six six." arrow Listen

Resting My Eyes: This song on the out of print album, Patio Patois, incorporates Queen's Another One Bites the Dust. When reversed it sounds suspiciously like "it's fun to smoke marijuana." arrow Listen

Wake up? F#@k you!: Includes a sound byte from a Doctor Seuss album. When played in regular speed, a voice shouts, "Wake up," but when the turntable is rapidly pulled back, the record declares, "fuck you." arrow Listen

Considering that these bits were sampled while played backwards, people whom are easily persuaded may feel compelled to wake up, kiss kiss kiss, and bite dust. There is a strong possibility that other Squank songs include embedded propoganda and listeners should use extreme discretion as they may be at risk of severe mental injury. Okay, not really. April fools.

posted on: Wednesday, April 1st, 2007

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Currently there are no shows scheduled. Squank is resting, recouping, and recording a sonic masterpiece. When finished, the band will take buffoonary, hijinx, weird instruments, and bizarre costumes to your town. Expect leopard loincloths and maybe a flaming gong.

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Ooh, la la. Is this pic very stupid or very stylish? I'm pretty sure it's one of the two...


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