WHAT IS SQUANK RADIO? When Squanker was about ten, he started recording a mock-show on cassettes. As musical newbies in the eighties, Squanker and the other kids would bust out a boombox and do little half hour shows involving some dj banter and improvised songs that were often so bad that they were really amusing. After a few years of that, and after some guitar lessons, Squanker got a four-track and started on his journey, perfecting his recording craft by creating hundreds of odd songs. Eventually this process evolved into the well-produced soundscapes that Squank makes today and you know and love. We recently compiled some podcasts of our favorite Squank b-sides and bootleg tapes to give you an idea of the evolution from bedroom boombox rocker to now.


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The Phallus Album Cover


Fridge (archived tapes from 2000)

time: 26:34 / file size: 48.6 MB

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A bunch of pretty quality 8-track recordings from my apartment in Austin at the turn of the new millenium. Most of it's really electro-influenced. There are a few attempts at drum and bass, but like everything else that's Squank, the results are pretty silly-ass. Be sure to stick through the whole show and be rewarded with a hilariously horrible guest star rapper, named Rump L. Stillskin.



1. Intro

2. Crackhead Cracker

3. Here's the Beef

4. Ancient Chinese Secret

5. I'm Not Listening (to your ass)

6. Blue Light Special

7. Fruity Pebbles

8. Sigourney Beaver

9. Worst rap ever


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Ignorant Art ALbum Cover



Uranus (tapes from 1999)

time: 27:00 / file size: 43.2 MB

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This marked the end of the 4-track era. My Yamaha gasped her last breath and wouldn't rewind anymore after these ditties. There are a few rap attempts, a country number, and some psuedo kraut rock. "One Bun" sounds like it was written by a drunk Shel Silverstein, there's a Warren G. cover, and it just doesn't get much more depraved than "turds."



1. Turds

2. Lovely Linda

3. One Bun

4. Spanking Machine

5. Regular

6. Regulate

7. Moof and Frieze

8. I'm Freysh (nasty german)


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