Justin "Wheels" Wheeler offered to play Satan and since he had a mask and was fearless about wearing it in public, he got the part. We brainstormed for a few hours, storyboarded some shots to key lyrics and went for it. The whole video took about two days of shooting, a week of editing, and a budget of about seven bucks for the pizza and the arcade scenes. It was a fun time.

The intro song was also composed by Squank. It was originally a six minute song that was written for Ignorant Art called Pyramid Scheme. It never really worked after rock vocals, and turntables were added. This was a raw version, with the first verse looped three or four times.

The car was owned by Wheels, the guy who played Satan. Three months after shooting, the car was stolen from a meth-head from the parking lot of a strip club who crashed and destroyed the vehicle.

Neil Everett, who drummed on a few songs on The Phallus peaks in the doorway while Lou is doing the scary hands dance.

Wheels also later ended up appearing in many songs on The Phallus as a drummer and screamer.

The scary doll head and the floor painted with the satan-star were leftover props from a Halloween party Wheels had that year.

"Big Beaver exit 69" is an actual highway exit near Detroit.

It was entirely filmed in Portland and the arcade was a joint on Belmont ave called The Avalon. We filmed incognito for about ten minutes before they kicked us out. The Skee-ball score coincidentally flipped to 666 just as Lucifer turns his head.

The cruising scenes were filmed while listening to Meshugga at an extremely loud volume.

The pizza and beers were consumed at a pizzaplace on Belmont across from the Avalon. A lot of people gave Satan confused and startled looks through the window.

The drumsolo was filmed in Wheels's basement. We recorded drums and bass for Kamikazi Superninja, drums for Paper Speedo, and Trippin' Balls 2 down there. We were just playing around and decided to film it, not intending to use it.

In Chinatwon, Satan visits an adult bookstore, picks up a hooker (a friend of Justin's) and then gazes at the Hung Far Low Cock sign.

We were originally going to use the red paper Satan mask that Lou startles me with in the video shoot. Fortunately Wheels realized he had a better one in his basement.

The book I'm reading is titled, My Date with Satan.

No cats were actually harmed in this video.


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